Read below to learn more about what the experience will be. But, first, have a look at this slideshow to get the feeling of what life is like for this family.

I love to capture the love and chaos of a family interacting together: loving, laughing, crying. My documentary approach follows photojournalistic principles of not altering or influencing what's going on in front of me. I have two main reasons for this:

  1. I think the most beautiful moments are those that are authentic and candid. The way that your child laughs when you play airplane or the way that you kiss/zerbert your kid when they need to be redirected – that is not something that I can pose. Those moments are the ones you will love to be able to see tomorrow and in 10 years.
  2. I don't believe that I can or that you should want me to improve on your reality by orchestrating it. You're awesome. You do you and my creative documentary approach will show you that! Trust me; it's beaufitful.

So, how do we do this, if I'm not going to tell you how to pose?

Documentary Family Session Types

One-hour Session

We will meet at a location of your choosing – where you love to play with your family. We will spend about 10 minutes doing some traditional portraits and then it get's easy: just play. I can help you brainstorm some activities but you already know what you and your people love to do – so just do that! It's my job to beautifully capture the moments between you: how you play together, how you laugh together, how your one kid takes any free moment to practice his Michael Jackson impersonation. You do you; I'll capture it.

Half of a Perfect Day

The one hour session is just a gateway drug to my day in the life sessions and a half of that is already pretty awesome. I would love to arrive early before the kids get up and capture the way they wake up; we know it's a challenge but its unique to your child and you will want to remember it some day. After that I will just follow you throughout the day – from brushing teeth to breakfast to digging in the backyard. It's easy: just do what you would normally do and I will make some awesome photos of it.

The Perfect Day

Sun up to sun down. Eyes open to eyes shut. You will love seeing the chaos of the morning routine and the sweetness of the bedtime routine. Oh, and all of that stuff in between, of course. The hugs, the kisses, the meltdowns. It's all a part of your normal day and this series of images that comes from it will be the most beautifully authentic portrait you've ever seen. I'm easy to be around and won't ask you to do anything; you do you and I will record all of the memories and idisyncracies of your family this year. Why don't we do it every year?