Pridefest 2019 = awesome!

The third annual Ames Pridefest took place last weekend and it was amazing. Check out the slideshow and see for yourself.

What I saw last week was fun, love, compassion, trust, and community. Those are components that most of us would expect from a typical weekend in our lives and making those things normal and expected for everyone is what makes me so interested in supporting lgbtqia+ people of Ames.

I was honored to be both the official photograph and a Gold Sponsor.

Below are a few of my favorite images.

My take away: love yourself. Yours?

Pub Fiction 2019

Ames is a special kind of place – a place with many beautiful nerds (thanks, Roman Mars).

Last week the Ames Public Library Friends Foundation (APLFF) in organizing a pub crawl to benefit the Ames Public Library called Pub Fiction.

It was awesome. It combined two of my favorite things: beer and literature. I had a blast volunteering to help make our library an even better place than it is but I, unfortunately, had no beer.

Here's a short slideshow of my favorite images. For the full gallery, click the button below.

What photos matter at a wedding?

What photos matter at a wedding?

Photographs are awesome tools for remembering our lives and loves and my approach to photographing weddings follows a similar philosophy to that second type of selfie: I think you should have all the real, raw, uncontrived, unscripted moments of beauty on your wedding day: the love, the tears, the touches, the sweetness, the silliness, and the fun.

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What's your day like?

What's your day like?

One recipe for a good photograph is that it has interesting layers and each layer tells its own little story. In these images you will see, for example, a mom giving an airplane ride to her youngest who she can still easily fly high and then, behind that, the new dog trying to wrestle a toy from the middle child who is lost in play and then, behind that, the oldest who was under the weather that day.

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The Little Observer – Why I love this image

At the end of last year, I shot a holiday party for the Black Faculty and Staff Association of Iowa State University. In order to document an event in the most beautiful and creative way possible, I am constantly observing both the people, of course, but I am also always looking for the best possible light. As the evening progressed, more people got on the dance floor and I started looking for the best perspective to capture it. From the balcony above I saw this little triangle of light from an open door to the hallway and headed for it. Just then this little guy decided to take a moment from the action and watch. Observe. Just like me. So, I guess I saw this as a small self-portrait – though I guess I'm not as cute as this little man.

bfsa_12_2017 69.JPG

A Winter Celebration

A Winter Celebration

In these images I see a community of people that is connected through love, respect, and fun. Of course, the kids stole the show – both at the party in general but also in my photographic focus.

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The Keller Family: A Photofilm

I was asked to document the first gathering in the new home of the Keller family grandparents. It was lovely spending time with such a sweet, fun, and intelligent group of people – to see the whole spectrum of family interaction playing out in front of my camera. Days such as these have many smaller stories that happen inside of them: kids spying on adults, injuries while playing, etc. However, there was one story that stuck out to me: the Psalm (128) that the elder Keller chose to read before the meal. As his oldest son read it, I immediately saw the significance and was able to capture some audio in order make this photofilm. For me, having my parents' voices and images of the love we have shared would be an amazing treasure and I hope they feel the same.

The Keller Family: A Song of Ascents from Munn Woods Studio on Vimeo.

4 Going on 14

Little T. is turning 4 soon so her parents wanted to capture her in all of her sassy sweetness. We did a few posed shots but we were still able to capture some wonderfully authentic moments when she was lost in play.

A girl running with a balloon in the sunset.
A girl playing with a balloon in a field near Ames, Iowa.

A little girl marveling at a balloon at a farm.