Me, Mark Looney, owner of Munn Woods Studio

Me, Mark Looney, owner of Munn Woods Studio

My loves: Valentina, Thea, and Massimo.

My loves: Valentina, Thea, and Massimo.

About Me (MARK)

Have you ever been asked why you do what you do? Do you have an answer?

Someone asked me recently and it's not something I usually share...

The real reason I’m a photographer is simple: we all die, we all forget, and we all love

I'm not sharing this to be a total downer. 

Give me a second to explain...

And yes, there's a happy ending. :)

My mother passed away a couple of years ago. It’s been really, really hard. 

In the months afterward, I started looking through old pictures of her, including my wedding photos. 

I was sad about what I didn’t find.

Don’t get me wrong, my wedding photos are amazing; one of the best photographers in the area took them. Valentina and I (and my family in those group shots) look awesome. 

What's missing is what I didn’t know I wanted at the time: real, candid, emotional images of how I loved and was loved on that day.

I'm missing the storytelling images that help me remember the way my mom looked really proud on that day. Or how tenderly I held my partner’s hand at the altar.

Those are the photographs I want now. Those are the real moments that matter, not the posed, stand there, tilt your head this way, angle your knee that way kind of wedding photos that are so common. 


That's why my wedding photography is different. I photograph the moments you will love looking back on. 

My documentary approach to wedding photography fights back against that big jerk-face... time. 

It’s not about pinable poses; it’s about the individual and unique way you show your love and are shown love by others.

If this sounds like the kind of photography you'd like, here's a little more about me..

Mark Looney is my name and I'm a wedding & family photographer because I'm a big sucker for two things: beauty and emotion. 

It's why I shoot in the candid, photo-journalistic style that I do: it's raw and real and these types of images make my heart beat fast.

I'm originally from the South but am now based in Ames, Iowa where I run Munn Woods Studio. Valentina and I have an amazing little girl, Thea, (who might be part dolphin based on her love of water) and a snuggly 6 month old, Massimo.

Friends and clients will tell you that one of my best traits is my ability to connect deeply with other people. 

My images are evidence of that relaxed trust between me and the people that let me into their world to be photographed.

I'd love to hear more about what you have in mind for your wedding or family photos. Use the contact form, give me a couple of details and let's chat.